Therapeutic Bandage Contact Lenses protect a damaged cornea from external injury or irritation while providing an improved environment for healing. They can be considered to be a simpler and more effective alternative to the traditional "third eyelid flap".

Bandage Contact Lenses are considered to promote corneal healing in a number of ways:

  1. The cornea relies upon the aqueous tear film to provide nutrition and facilitate the transfer of oxygen. A hydrophilic contact lens maintains tear film contact with the Epithelium at all times without compromising the passage of oxygen.
  2. A contact lens protects the cornea from Cilia, Distichia, Trichiasis or an eyelid Tumour if surgery is not viable option in the short term. In addition, the lens bandages the cornea following Keratectomy or Keratotomy to decrease nerve exposure and improve post-op. comfort.
  3. The transformation of Keratocytes and 'wandering' cells into Migrating Fibroblasts is considered to be enhanced in the presence of a contact lens allowing for faster healing of Stromal injuries.
  4. Chondroitin and Dermatin Sulphate Glycosoaminoglycans (GAGs) that bind type I and type VI collagen within the Stroma are able to accumulate under the lens and within damaged tissue and be utilized in the process of healing.
  5. Lenses may concentrate normal components of tears (such as epidermal growth factor) as an aid to healing.


The advantages of a contact lens as compared to a 'third eyelid flap" are:

  1. They can be introduced without General Anaesthetic.
  2. They are transparent, allowing for assessment of corneal healing.
  3. Contact Lenses improve the delivery and effectiveness of medication.
  4. They can be autoclaved and reused (for the same patient).


Note - The lenses are not suitable for patients with Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca or Exposure Keratitis because adequate aqueous tear film is necessary for lens hydration.



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